RenOvation Extravaganza!


SoOOoOoOOoO Arise Lady Raya indeed! my third World Con was a wild success, Sold Three paintings, Rocked more than a few parties with hold ups, hand outs and Hang on's alike, became an official lady of the BWB...
and more!

And although I'm now in the Freelance Mambo of broke-dome it was worth every minute…

and below we see some choice photos to explain the night proper :

first art that sold---



and my most recent and favorite

THE BLACK WIND! Thanks Steven!

You dah MAN!

May your shores remain unscathed for years to come.. :)

and some of the very first moments a sneak peak at the upcoming Frivolous Four Reunion For Chicago 2012!

and of course jamie attempting desperately to maintain his deep philosophical conversation whilst sporting a tiny hat.... good times...

wedding pretty


OooOOOoO waiting to hear back aboot my *crossing fingers* new Apartment.. Good times..... do not dig the waiting though.. never been good with that whole patience bit.. practice I suppose huh? the bag I came here with has thrown up to such a sicking degree in the corner of my guest area.. its appalling.. truly... I'm all about some hangers these days.

Worried about being declined.. just because... that would suck.....
ok I'm gonna work on a doodle...

like so


Granted! just got the call GOOD TIMES INDEED!
so its
move in on the 15th
rest of the month is free!

One more fun times New Mexico style pack up all the jazzums and then Whoot I'm living in Colorado!

*jumps up and down*

then its time to paint.. little tin men and bridges and get a projector.. MMmmmMMMMmMMM Big Painting living room!
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whoot anouther day!

good things happening!~

got an interview for a design intership, went and painted in the woods with a hot mountain man... ;)
climbed big'ol rock and hurt myself, then got a bike lent to me to ride around town...
just crossing my fingers the wave doesn't end anytime soon...

*insert sheepish smile _____here_____*
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wedding pretty

Raya Golden Meet Boulder Colorado!

So, this IS me on the move! good times indeed, sitting in one for local coffee shop ipadding it up. looking for the joby job, drinking the excellent latte, and as per usual trying to figure out what to do with one's self. My day will not consist of many and more things to do, no, I'll be looking for job type stuff and finishing the endless website which thankfully is almost done, then I just have to figure out how to publish the fucker! nuck nuck.... I'm to read other blogs as well, and just kill time till I find out what happens next...

Big ups to all My Fam who helped make this move not only possible, but so completely stress free that i keep forgetting I moved and just feel like I'm still on Vacation from the real world... Whoop!

and thats all...


this is me.... on the move....

Location:S 38th St,Boulder,United States

wedding pretty

my first wedding...

so here are some pictures of why its super to have said super family....

in darkest night... ect.. ect..


and some random art... that i like..

starting a 3D sea monster, viking, destruction diorama today, good times indeed.

please note the look of sheer disgust on my friend Ty's face, deep down I think he's a little scared of me, poor guy, ;)

... I like working the camera..


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wedding pretty


the best part about my first wedding, is that it got to be so untraditional, this pleases me to no end... and more art... I love my family...

this is me.... on the move....
wedding pretty

time flow slow

Oh oh, the time is dragging by... slow... dull... listless she is, so trying out the mobile blogger.. many projects as per usual, no drive... nope its all gone... sucked away with my will to socialize.. worse day ever. trying to get some guts or just some sense, stop chasing phantoms, or grow a pair and make some shit happen, art or people, this is the choice I'm forced to make every day. good times...

this is me.... on the move....
wedding pretty

new painting

things going on with here on the edge of today, work too early in the morning, good times

and here's the new painting of the month, starting a new one on a personal note perhaps tomorrow after the early day at work

again with the good times :)

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